Sunday, October 4, 2015

2015 Good Guy Competition Update 1

The entry period for 2015 competition closed on 9/30. We have a little under 4 weeks until submissions are due on October 31st.

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This year's contestants are:

Gundariumsmith HG Hi-Mock
Things_falling_apart MG Sazabi
Sarra Minovsky HG Gaia Gundam
Morgan H. MG Banshee
XillyRaix HG Char Zaku (Origin)
Joe K. HG Z'Gok Char ver
Brian T. HG Beargguy F
Majorkurn Megasize Zaku 2
Xandcastle Rudolf's Gouf Ignited
CaptainAmeijin HG Master Gundam & Fuunsaiki + HG Avalanche Exia
Achturn HG Grimoire
Razorconcepts HG Hi-Mock & RB-79 Ball (twin set)
Educationaldriver HG Base Jabber

Like many of you I'm very excited to see what this year's contestants have in store!

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