Thursday, October 1, 2015

MG Ex-S WIP part 1

Unlike most of builds I decided to break the massive MG Ex-S into more manageable sections. In this section I built a lot of the smaller additional assemblies for the mobile suit. This includes the aerodynamic features, fuel tanks, core fighters, support weapons, main weapon and support rigging. I plan on doing two more sections which will include: phase 2, legs and torso and phase 3, arms, head and backpack.

Due to this kit's age a lot of pieces required seamlines to be fused and modification, scribing or other tricks; that is the main reason why things are taking a while on this build!


You can following the video log I did for this first section to see how far this first phase had expanded from its initial origin.



The part separation of the fuel tanks required a lot of planning to paint fuse seamlines and assemble to get the look right.

Literally after taking this photo I decided I did not like how two of the wings came out and preceded to strip and rescribe the shallower panel lines.

Both types of beam cannons required modification to keep the color seperation simple.

I wanted to add some color seperation to the business end of the main weapon, the dark steel adds the right contrast to accomplish this. Masking the radome for the cannon was one of the more frustrating elements of this build. Masking round or odd shapes is always more difficult for me than square edges.

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