Saturday, April 9, 2016

MG Nu Gundam Ver. ka WIP

I'm getting very close to wrapping up the build on my MG Nu Gundam Ver.ka. I've been slowly working on this kit over the last 3 months. I still have a few things left to do, including waiting for more topcoat to arrive.

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Hit the bump for the full shoot.

The first element of the kit I completed was the included "A" stand.

I very carefully sanded between each layer of primer, color, and clear color to create an even glossy surface. I may still go back and paint a layer of flat clear coat over the base.

I purchased a bottle of Mr. Crystal Color Tourmaline Green back in January of 2015 at Gundam Planet during the r/gunpla meetup with the intention of using it on my Full Armor Unicorn. I ended up selling the Unicorn but I decided to use the paint on the Psycho Frame of this kit. This paint has a great semi-transparent pearlescent color that shifts hues depending on how the light hits it. There's no doubt that I'll end up using this paint again in the future.

I have been incorporating small modifications throughout the kit. Here cut out the blank pegs and inserted some verier details into the shoulder thrusters. The parts I used on the kit are made by Kotobukiya, you can find them and other here.

I extended the panel lines down the side of the torso using my BMC chisel.

I also used the chisel to rescribe the panel lines around the front skirt and extended the line on the far side (not visible in this photo).

I added panel lines to the top most plates of the hips so that I could continue the two color scheme on the lower parts of the

Note the grey thruster area of the fin funnels

I repainted the pads of the feet. I didn't care for the entirely navy blue sole.

I wasn't happy with the white and grey color application featured on the stock model, so I came up with my own modified theme.I took inspiration on my color scheme from from 3-4 sources including builds posted on the web, featured in magazines and books.

The shield was the first major component I finished painting. I spent a significant amount of time masking and painting to capture all of the molded detail.

The shield was also the first component to be fully decaled and topcoated.

Note all of the small masked areas.

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