Thursday, December 29, 2016

RG Sinanju Ver. Ka


This is my 101st completed kit and also my final kit for 2016!. The Sinanju isn't my favorite mecha design, but it's definitely in the top 10.

I like some aspects of this design: the new opening panels on the hips, shoulders and back pack are a cool idea, and the new engineering used to separate the black and gold elements will make this kit much more approachable to more modelers.

There are several elements of this build I definitely do not care for: This kit is back heavy, my kit could barely stand on it's own, it has a very weak and floppy chest joint and it was extraordinarily frustrating to photograph as it constantly fell over. This model uses the inner frame from the MK Gundam with small extensions added to each limb, however I noticed that this tends to make the kit difficult and frustrating to pose. The glossy red and gold elements are mostly under gated, however there are a few pieces like the horn that have large nubs in the middle of the parts that leave really ugly marks. The fuel tanks are also poorly designed compared to more recent models like the Sazabi and Hi-Nu Ver ka; both of those kits get around the length wise seam lines.

Overall I'm pretty disappointed, I feel that a newer model like this RG Sinanju should be superior to the older HG and MG. But, I believe the changes to the design don't make up for needing to reverse wash the gold details onto the MG and HG models.

Kit Talk:

This kit is fully painted as I was dis satisfied with partial undergating. The red was achieved in a multi-step process that involved painting two thin layers of GX Red followed by two coats of clear red. I then applied the Ver. Ka decals and clear coated the kit with Alcad's Klear Koat Gloss product. Oddly even after 4 days of curing this product still felt tacky and I fear I may have left permanent finger prints in the paint. The gold color on this kit is GaiaNotes Starbright gold followed by a coat of clear yellow.

I contrasted these two bright and glossy colors with matte monochromatic colors. You can see the full painted frame here:

I used the HG Ver Ka decals for this build. They fit the kit pretty well, although a few meed to be slightly re positioned to fit the different geometry of this design. One thing to note about these decals is that unlike the MG sheet, none of the decals on the HG sheet are labeled, so you will need to carefully compare the designs to the layout found in the MG Ver. Ka Manual.

If you like my work and you want to help support me, then consider purchasing from the Amazon links on my blog or by clicking this link. Every purchase you make helps me out tremendously and it doesn't cost you a dime! Because I don't recommend the RG version of this kit I strongly recommend checking out the HG or MG version instead. 

You can view a 360 video of this kit here: 

360 Photos:

I really had to lean the Sinanju forwards to keep it upright.

The tips of the toes are rarely on the surface it's standing on.

The added front weight of the shield can help to balance the front/back weight distribution out, but it also tends to make the kit lean to one side.

The lean becomes more pronounced once the kit is put onto a stand.


Several parts of the kit such as the leg thrusters come molded in a silverish color that looks terrible. I opted to paint these parts grey.

The extra splits in the thrusters are a nice detail.

Action Poses:

Group Shot:

My HG Unicorn Ver. Ka finally has a shelf companion!

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