HG Burning/G Gundam


This is the 99th kit I have completed for my blog.

When Mobile Fighter G Gundam first aired in the US the names of the Devil and God Gundam were changed due to Dark and Burning Gundam respectively due to Toonami's self-censorship policies. My choice of using the Build Burning and God Gundam is a play on this name confusion.

Kit Talk:

This is a kitbash of the HG Build Burning and HG God Gundam. My goal of the build was to combine many of the visual elements of the God Gundam with the improved engineering of the Build Burning Gundam. I tried several variations of parts, modification and combinations until I was satisfied. Unfortunately, I quickly found out that skirt and waist on the God Gundam strictly limited the ability of the kit to perform kicks.

Modifying and attaching the backpack to the Build Burning Gundam was the most difficult part of the build. I used pla-plate to build up the connection point on the Burning Gundam to create a strong connection point.

One of the main problems I have with the HG God Gundam is that the red fins have a lot of really weird gaps that had to be filled in with pla plate and putty. 

I used decals from the HG Unicorn Gundam to make a really basic ver.ka style decal schemes.

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360 Photos:

Detail Photos:

Action Photos:

 The DBZ power level pose:

The "Stop for pedestrians" stance

Fire bass pose:

My hands are on fire:

Incorporating the beam sabers from the God Gundam was an important part of the build. 

It makes sense that a melee-focused mobile suit would include some form of melee weapon to enhance range or damage potential. I also really like the oversized handles.