Sunday, May 7, 2017

MG RX 78 Gundam The Origin


I've been on a bit of a RX 78 bend lately. The 3.0 version was my 100th build for the site, I've got RX 78 Thunderbolt version on my desk as I write this and I finally picked up a RX 78 Ver. Ka and I'm on the back order list to get a FA-78.

If I had to pick a favorite between the 3.0 and Origin versions of this kit I'd still pick the 3.0. I love the color separation and complexity of the 3.0 design, but the Origin version definitely merits some praise. The design of the kit looks great, the flat feet and thin knee caps and smaller head give the kit a ver.ka 2.0 style appearance and I really like the blocky design of the fore arms and shoulders. The Origin kit is also a great looking and dynamic kit for posing, which is something that the 3.0 struggles with.

Kit Talk:

I've actually had this kit partially built for a few months. I quickly snap built the kit over a weekend a few months ago and threw it in a box. I had actually forgotten about it until I found it when rooting around for parts for the MS-05L Zaku 1 Sniper a couple of weeks ago.

This kit is pretty much directly out of box. I did re-scribe a few of the more shallow panel lines but it's other wise stock.

I used a mostly stock color scheme, but I swapped the lighter blue of the chest out with a rich blue color (Gundam Color MS Blue) and the softer red with a more "true red" (Mr. Color GX Red)/

The water slide decals from this kit were cobbled together from a few different sources. The shoulder designs are taken from the RX 78-2 Ver ka. I had to cut them apart and rearrange them to better resemble the design seen on the Origin mobile suit. The smaller warning symbols are from the Unicorn MG and HG sets, Wing TV, Deathsythe and other sets.

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