Saturday, May 6, 2017

Weekend WIP Rx-78 round up

I think this is going to be my last quiet weekend for a few weeks, so I wanted to sit down and get some work done on my current and next project. I pulled this guy down off of the "Katoki Shrine" on top of my display cases and went to work.

What a "Katoki Shrine" might look like

I've stopped using the x-acto #11 blades and switched to handles and blades made by OLFA hobby knives. I've found that these perform better for removing nubs and general hobby work. I still prefer the #11's for decal and masking work. I have also moved from alpha abrasive files to Wave sponge files. The wave files tend to be higher grit and need less clean up before painting.

The RX 78 Thunderbolt Gundam is a larger build. I'm starting with the more repetitive and mundane elements of the build first. The stand this kit uses is identical to the MG Wing Zero Custom from 2004. New parts are provided fro the boom.

I fused the seam on each side.

Many of the parts on the stands had shallow molding. I opted to wet sand these areas to keep the dust down. We sanding is also a good way to "increase" the girt of your abrasive medium.

The core fighter for this kit is very different and very cool looking with an X-wing style opening 'x-foils'; but it's also super irritating to build due to the small parts used in the construction.

Here's one of the more repetitive elements of this build. 4 shields, with handles.

The chest is classically Rx 78 Gundam style. Unsurprisingly these is no waist articulation This will prevent the kit from flopping forwards or backwards once we strap the backpack and gear onto this kit.

The core fighter fits inside of the chest as expected. I would have preferred having a blank insert that could be swapped out so that the core fighter can be displayed.

The Thunderbolt backpack is adorable compared next to the Origin backpack. It almost looks liek it should belong to a 1/144 HG kit instead. The beamsaber can be extended down from the backpack, and pivoted around.

The head of the Thunderbolt Gundam is very detailed and the angles used make it look super aggressive.

Most of the inner frames appear to be very simplistic, the included cloth covers will hide of these parts. I don't intend on painting any of the parts that will be hidden under the covers.

I'm just about done with the Origin version of the RX 78 Gundam. Right after taking this kit I pulled the top part of the right should off to be stripped and repainted due to finger prints in the topcoat. I should have this complete kit up by Monday.

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