Sunday, July 9, 2017

HG Origin Dom Test Type


The MSD line of Gundam the Origin kits continues to deliver on really cool, really unusual designs. If this mobile suit looks somewhat familiar that's because it's likely the precursor to MS-06RD-4 Zaku HighMobiltiy Test Type that Aina Sahalin uses at the beginning of the 8th MS Team series.

I really like the design of this model. It's clear from the design that this mobile suit is a prototype due to use of the Zaku type torso and modified Zaku head.

Kit Talk:

This is the third HG Origin kit that I've had a chance to build. So far, each kit from the Origin series has been an excellent build if you can get past the lazy seam line design of the forearms. If you haven't already you can see my tutorial on fixing these seam lines here. 

The basic color scheme of this kit is really uninteresting. To improve the scheme I referenced an earlier build I completed for the HG Gouf Custom. I added a red slash on the check and added a fade to the legs, skirt and shoulders. In hindsight I probably should have added more small red details throughout the design.

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