Sunday, November 5, 2017

HG Bugu Rambal Ral Custom


I started building the HG Bugu at the last build night. I didn't get far at the time but I could tell that this would be a good build with a fair bit of crossover with the Zaku and Gouf kits from the Origin series.

In the lore the MS-04 Bugu was developed from the MS-03 Waff. The Bugu was built with high performance in mind not affordability or production scale-ability. The Zaku 1 would later be developed from the Bugu, but would not perform at the same level.

Kit Talk:

I made a few basic detail mods to the kit. I added photo etched parts into the otherwise blank divots on the thighs, skirts and chest. A Kotobukiya detail piece was added to the inner visor as none of the Origin kits have a physical mono-eye part. I've used a different technique for this detail on every Origin build so far, but none of them (including this) have really felt right.

I made a Zaku 2 shoulder shield as a replacement/upgrade that might have been featured had we seen the Bugu later on into the Origin series.

The Bugu's stock color scheme is essentially one color, medium blue, and it's as boring as you can expect. My color variant is based off the same color scheme I used on the Production Type Gouf I made earlier in the year.

The deacls used on this kit are taken from the 1st HG Origin decal set. The Ramba Ral "R" is great as the R is actually a cut out, the decal inherits whatever the base color is.

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Action Poses:

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