Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon WIP 2 Painting and Masking

Over the years, I've learned that I am terrible at documenting my work. Once I get started painting, or masking I just sort of zone out and get sucked into whatever I'm doing.

At this point the largest parts of the kit have been put together. The goal here is to start shading and painting to keep colors and shading consistent.

After a coat of mr. surfacer 1200 I used Gaia Color neutral gray 3 to start the light shading around the hull of the ship. I basically traced the panels and holes and any 'deeper areas' with the shading color.

This is only the second time that I have used photo etched parts on a build. These parts are finely detailed and very thin. I was very worried during the assembly process that I would crease the parts.

At this point I also started adding the more superficial parts to the exterior of the kit, these parts should be a lighter color than the base color.

This is the superglue I used to affix the parts. You can buy this from Volks inc. you get three tubes and three precision applications for less than $3 compared to a single tube of crazy glue for about the same price.

At some point I decided to test the LEDs just for fun.

So far I only snapped one of the pipes on this kit. Which I think is amazing.

At this point all of the superficial details have been placed on the hull and I started painting

The color looks too light now, but after a grey weathering wash it should be toned down.

I used salt chipping in conjunction with masking to give the hull a weathered beaten appearance. The falcon features a myriad of colors. I still have a few more to paint before I move onto the weathering.