Monday, June 25, 2018

GoodGuyCollab: HG Hyaku Shiki HIAC


This is the third kit that I have completed as a part of the GoodGuyCollab. The GGC is collaborative project that I offer to my patrons on Patreon. I periodically put out an open call for kit submissions. This round of the collab I had three submissions, a HG Leo, HG Gundam Unicorn Crystal and this HG Hyaku Shiki Revive.

The 'HiaC' part of the name references the sloppy translation 'He is a Char' form the Zeta Gundam anime.

I had been eyeing the Hyaku Shiki Revive for a while, and I already had a good color scheme idea in mind, so this round was a no-brain.

The owner of this kit Rudolf completed the build, seam line fusion and basic modification before it reached me. All in, he did a pretty good job. I will have a YouTube video up shortly offer some constructive criticism to the builder.

Kit Talk:

There isn't much to say about the build, as I didn't build it. I did however paint and decal this build.

I based the color scheme for this kit off of both the Zero Shiki and Char's classic color scheme. I think it fits the design well. The pink is a mix of Gundam Color 'Char Pink' and Gundam Color 'Sazabi Red'. The darker red components are Gundam Color 'Sazabi Red' and the grey frame is Gundam Color 'Zeon Grey'. I hand painted some details on the head, and weapons gray for added details.

The decals for this scheme are taken mostly from the Zeta and Double Zeta and RG Char Zaku decal sets. I debated throwing the class Char A onto the shoulder, but ultimately I opted to include it.

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Friday, June 22, 2018

1/35 Scale Tachikoma


Here are a couple of words that I never thought I would string together in a sentence. Tachikomas are adorable, armed, AI driven, spider tanks. These 'think tanks' are easily my favorite element of the world of Ghost in the Shell due to their boundless enthusiasm and child like curiosity. Kotobukiya's diminutive model somehow manages to capture some portion of that exuberance.

Kit Talk:

I love small projects like the Tachikoma; in between the recent large scale models it's like a palate cleanser between really rich meals. This project only took a few hours to complete. There were a few seams that needed to be fused along the legs, arms, and 'head'. None of these parts required any modification to fuse.

I chose to use brighter colors than stock and opted for a clear glossy finish. I felt that this combination felt more true to the 'nature' of the character. The blue used on the kit is Mr. Color Sky Blue, Grey is Gaia Color Neutral gray 3 and the white is pure white.

As is tradition, I managed to break a part of this kit. In this case it was one of the hinges on the backpack. As a result, I didn't bother to detail the interior of the backpack/pod.

If you like my content, and you'd like to show your support, you can purchase this kit, or anything else through the Amazon links on my site. It doesn't cost you a dime, but it helps me tremendously!

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Perfect Grade Unicorn Final Battle Version [Full Armor]


It's over, it's finally, definitely, totally, 100% finished this time! This build is the synthesis of the P-Bandai PG Unicorn [Final Battle Version] and the P-Bandai Full Armor Unit. As one would expect of P-Bandai, both of these kits are stupidly expensive and difficult to source (depending on when you're looking). And, I can only assume Bandai will eventually release their own version of this build eventually (because, why wouldn't they? Unicorn variants literally print money).

I have a love hate relationship with the Perfect Grade series. I love the idea of this series. Each kit feels like a celebration, and completing one makes me feel like I have my own 1:1 Gundam in my living room. But, in reality I hate how long it takes me to build them, not to mention the utter soul crushing terror when I break something...

I love this kit, and I'll never build one again.

Kit Talk:

If you want to get some background on the base model you can take a look at the two prior PG Unicorn posts for more information.

The Full Armor Unit includes the following parts:

  • One Bazooka
  • Two shields
  • Two leg mounted grenade racks
  • Two backpack mounted grenade racks
  • Two backpack mounted missile pods  
  • Two external fuel tanks
  • Two kick stands for the fuel tanks
  • Four gatling cannons
  • At a backpack/support system to mount everything
Since I had already painted the extra gatling cannons and shields for the base Unicorn this build actually didn't take too long. 

The fuel tanks are the single largest elements of any build to date. I used a pair of large quick grip style clamps to hold the pieces during painting, and my bench vise to hold them while drying. Decaling these elements was also challenging as all the decals needed to be kept parallel or perpendicular to existing panels on the tanks. The solution I came up with is cataloged in patron exclusive video, so check that out if you're already a patron, or sign up if you'd like to gain that and other benefits.

Oh, and for those curious. Photographing this kit was a nightmare for my tiny setup, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I had to use a wide angle 10-24mm to get everything into frame.