Friday, June 22, 2018

1/35 Scale Tachikoma


Here are a couple of words that I never thought I would string together in a sentence. Tachikomas are adorable, armed, AI driven, spider tanks. These 'think tanks' are easily my favorite element of the world of Ghost in the Shell due to their boundless enthusiasm and child like curiosity. Kotobukiya's diminutive model somehow manages to capture some portion of that exuberance.

Kit Talk:

I love small projects like the Tachikoma; in between the recent large scale models it's like a palate cleanser between really rich meals. This project only took a few hours to complete. There were a few seams that needed to be fused along the legs, arms, and 'head'. None of these parts required any modification to fuse.

I chose to use brighter colors than stock and opted for a clear glossy finish. I felt that this combination felt more true to the 'nature' of the character. The blue used on the kit is Mr. Color Sky Blue, Grey is Gaia Color Neutral gray 3 and the white is pure white.

As is tradition, I managed to break a part of this kit. In this case it was one of the hinges on the backpack. As a result, I didn't bother to detail the interior of the backpack/pod.

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Hit the bump for the full photo shoot!


This model has a limited range of motion in the arms and legs. There isn't a way to 'pose' this model as a result.

Here's the Tachikoma next to the MG RX 78-2 Origin. As you can tell it's quite diminutive. 

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