Friday, July 26, 2019

HG RGM-79KC GM Intercept Custom


I have no doubt that people are going to have some very strong opinions about the color scheme of the GM Intercept Custom. I really like the colors, and as a result I'd like to do more with a similar scheme (Robert Gilliam Zaku). This was a really basic, really quick build that shares a lot of common parts with the other two Origin GM kits I have built the Sniper and Cannon. If you haven't already picked up an Origin GM, I really recommend that you track one down. So far there are four variants of the Origin GM out, with more on the way. 

Kit Talk:

Of all of the GM Origin kits I've seen this one has the lowest value proposition. It's accessories are limited, components of the armor can be found on the other 3 variants and other than the visor and beam saber mount, there isn't anything unique about this kit. It's a perfectly fine model, but doesn't do much to "wow". There is a P-Bandai variant coming out soon that features the Fellow Booster. If you don't mind paying P-Bandai money I'd recommend checking that one out. The Fellow Booster is the standout component of the original MSV design. And, it's just ugly and crazy enough to make me take notice.

Colors on this include a custom blend of Gaia's Lavender and Blue Gray paint, as well as a custom blend of white and orange yellow. Custom elements were kept to a minimum. But include, a new set of hands and some re-scribed details around the head.  


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Sorry Aina!

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