HG MS-06RD-4 Zaku High Mobility Test Type


Since MS-06RD-4 Zaku High Mobility Test Type is a mouthful I'm just going to be calling this one 'Aina's Zaku'. Because, while this specific kit is a reference to an MSD manga, most of us will recognize this design as being Aina Sahleen's Zaku from the first episode of the 8th MS Team. 

Like the name suggests Aina's Zaku is a test type mobile suit. It was utilized to test the rocket thruster design that would eventually be used on the Rick Dom. This particular unit would be destroyed during the events of the first episode of 8th MS team, however, the data collected on the new thrusters would be saved and used to prepare the Rick Doms for deployment. Judging by the appearance of the mobile suit it's little more than a standard Zaku torso mounted to a pair of early Dom waist and legs. 

Kit Talk:

Despite looking pretty basic for a P-Bandai this kit does feature some new parts; such as: a partially new head, new shoulder armor, chest, feet, and machine gun. Most of these parts are only available on this particular kit. 

I kept the mods to this kit fairly basic. I added replacement hands from the build custom round finger pack (size small), bored out the mono eye and added a HIQ aurora gem and performed seam line fusion on the arms, shoulder, chest, and machine gun. The color blends are also all custom, the purple, in particular, is more saturated than the molded color. 

Decals from this kit are from 'Flaming Snow' via hobby front line.

This kit is due to get a reprint in the near future. Speaking of which, if you purchase this kits through the Amazon links on my site, Amazon will provide me with a tiny percentage that helps me to things keep running. The best part is, it doesn’t cost you a dime! So consider supporting me with a purchase through Amazon today!


I love these Origin kits because they're easy to pose and they look good from any angle!