Friday, July 5, 2019

GoodGuyCollab: HG Nueu Zeil


This is the second collaborative (collab) project I've completed with my patrons this year and the sixth overall. Like I've mentioned before this project is my favorite thing to come out of my Patreon. 

This kit was submitted to me by Charles. So, big thanks to Charles and to everyone else that submitted kits for this round. 

For those not in the know; the Nueu Zeil was a mobile armor built by Axis Zeon and donated to the Delaz fleet. It was piloted by the Zeon ace Anavel Gato during the closing battle of operation Stardust. Anavel would eventually meet his end while operating this behemoth.  

Kit Talk:

This is the first time I've built a 1/550 scale mode. At normal HG scale (1/144) this kit would likely be as big or bigger than the HG Neo Zeong. Like all previous collab projects Charles had completed this build, and he had also modded it by removing seam lines and making adjustments so that it could be disassembled. 

The paint scheme that I chose was based on theme of 'sea monster'; large sea creatures tend to have lighter ventral and darker dorsal colors to help blend into this environment, while that makes little sense for a giant spacecraft, I really like the coloration, and it gave me a chance to practice blending and fading paint. 

In addition to this I hand brushed a fair bit on this kit including the elbow joints, the black mega particle cannons on the 'shoulders' and other bits.


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