Gustav Karl


'The Collab' or Collaborative Build Project, is my very favorite thing to come out of having a Patreon account. Four times a year I ask my patrons to submit their kits to me, I then select one kit from each round, paint, and return the kit to its owner.  

In the same vein as the last collab challenge, this first collab of 2020 was a bit late. In fact, by the time this post goes live, we'll actually be wrapping up the selection for the second collab of 2020.  I'd like to thank Rex for sending this kit in to be painted. I'll be shipping it back out to him in short order along with a little thank you gift. 

Kit Talk:

Not too much to say here since Rex did all the building on this kit. I decided that I wanted to do another asymmetrical camo scheme using the splinter precut masking set from HIQ. These masking tools save a tremendous amount of time and stick really well even around complex shapes. You can find them on HLJ or really anywhere that sells HIQ products.