Tuesday, September 5, 2017

MG Providence Gundam


Full disclosure guys... the only reason I originally purchased this kit was for the 8.5 x 11 sheet of water slide decals for the other SEED MGs. It's not that I hated the design, rather I simply forgot that this design even existed. Despite this, I'm rather pleased that I decided to complete the build and if anything I'm feeling more excited to tackle the Freedom 2.0 in a later build.

Kit talk:

This is the special initial launch version of the MG Providence. That means the kit comes with a different base shaped like the Zaft logo as well as a huge sheet of water slide decals from several of the other MG Seed designs. I have no idea how long this particular kit will be in production, but the decals alone made this purchase worthwhile for me.

Like the recent MG Freedom 2.0 this kit has had an awesome redesign which has really enhanced the design of the mobile suit. It looks aggressive and it's absolutely covered in molded detail. My version of this build takes advantage of all of this molded detail through masking and color separation.

The main body color of this model is molded in a bluish grey color, I ended up painting this color with a very light neutral grey color mixed with a few drops of mr. color intermediate blue. The other colors of the kit are darker or more desaturated than the standard 'hero' colors of the 'hero' gundams that we're used to seeing. Most of these colors were taken verbatim from the manual with very minor tweaks.

I used the alternative decal scheme from the P-Bandai Effects parts kit for my build. The decals used are from a third party provider and the guide for this decal scheme is available here. I was absolutely shocked by the quality of the third party decals I used on this build. Not only were the decals pre-cut, but they are also high resolution and spelled correctly. If I need third party decals again I have no reservations about using this supplier again.

If you like my work and would like to help me out, consider purchasing this and other kits from Amazon using this link or others featured on my site. Every purchase helps me out considerably and it doesn't cost you a dime!



The monstrously large backpack will cover up a lot of detail on the back of the kit, so the first 360 will exclude this part

The power pipes on the back of the leg were hand painted with Vallejo grey.

Looks like a UFO has docked to the back of this mech!

The decal scheme of the alternate set has a ton of detail on the back pack.

Once the Dragoons (funnels) are added onto the backpack this kit becomes unbearably back heavy.

The backpack is quite mobile, and it provides the ability to tilt in several directions.

The beam cannon on this kit is massive and has the proportions of a bazooka. The composite shield looks much less impressive.


Tons of masking in this section.

Ever funnel is numbered.

I think the joints in the arms were specifically designed to accommodate the weird angles that the bazooka needs to be held at.

Yep, even the feet have been masked.

Action Poses:

Here's the 'money shot'. Too bad it looks crappy without the effect parts.

Overcompensating for something?

The beam effect part was painted with a mix of clear red, fluorescent pink and white in different, layers or combinations. The effect fades to completely clear at the very tip.

I have this thing posed next to the MG Qant with the GN Sword V...

Side by Side:

I don't have any other SEED kits in my cabinet right now. But this at least gives you an idea of the size and color of the kit.

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