Evangelion 'Ephemeral' Reference Model


I realize that I don't talk about Evangelion nearly as much as I talk about Gundam. But, I've been a huge Eva fan since about 2002. I built several of the early Bandai Eva models around that time, but took a long break from tackling anything Evangelion related unit just recently.

This model is from the Evangelion store in Tokyo. It's a physical store that sells Evangelion merch, including this awesome official resin kit. https://www.evastore.jp

The item description according to Google Translate:

"Anime drawing staff It is a replica model of stereoscopic material for reference drawing actually used ."

I can only assume that means that models like these were used as a reference when drawing the face of Evangelion Unit 1. Although with the janky translator, it's really hard to tell if that is the case. Regardless of it's actual use I think it's a cool little object to have on my desk.

Kit Talk:

This is my first full resin kit. I think I got off pretty easy...

The kit came in 9 pieces, although you only need 8 to complete the build (TV and Movie horns). All of my pieces were cast correctly, I didn't need to heat or bend anything back into shape. The only problem areas were a few air bubbles in the horn, some shallow panel line casting, and very thin casts around the head vents.

Clean up and prep only took a few hours and the painting didn't take much longer.

I don't have an Amazon Associate link for this one. If you'd like to get your hands on this kit you will need to order them directly from the store, or use a proxy service.

Photo Shoot:

It's literally a resin bust of the Evangelion's face, neck and chest. It can't pose, so don't expect anything exciting!