Thursday, April 25, 2019

Orbital Frame Jehuty


The mecha ‘Orbital Frame Jehuty’ is from Zone of the Enders game series. It started as the protagonist’s mecha in both the original and sequel games on the PS2. Zone of the Enders is a Konami franchise (back before they only made pachinko and hot garbage games) and it’s a series produced by Hideo Kojima. Zone of the Enders The Second Runner (MARS) received an HD remaster recently for the PS4. It’s a very competent high-speed action game. The early 2000s voice acting misses the mark slightly, but the cut scenes are well animated the combat is fast and fun. I’ve recommended this series before, if you missed out on it, I’d really recommend checking it out.

This model it is produced by Kotobukiya. That means it can take a long time between print runs of their models. If you would like to pick up either Jehuty or it’s sister suit Anubis, you should grab it while they’re in stock before their price goes through the roof.

Kit Talk:

In general Kotobukiya’s kits aren’t quite as well designed as Bandai’s. Are 6-10 seam lines or pairs of seam lines that need to be fused on this kit. Including at the elbows, feet, shoulders, knees and wings among others. None of these are particularly challenging, but I would encourage you to fix them if you’re going to paint your kit.
Regarding paint… I translated the full-color guide below. All colors correspond to Mr. Color Line:

Body Gray
13 Neutral Gray 65%
1 White 30%
67 Purple 5%

Body Black
71 Midnight Blue 60%
13 Neutral Gray 30%
14 Navy Blue 10%

Gold Frame
XC01 Pearl Diamond Silver 50%
1 White 25%
58 Orange Yellow 15%
44 Tan 5%
49 Clear Orange 5%

Body White
XC01 Pearl Diamond Silver 90%
1 White 10%

Energy Line
1 White 70%
50 Clear Blue 30%

101 Smoke Gray 100%

Transparent Parts
50 Clear Blue 70%
138 Clear Green 30%

I used a generic set of decals from HIQ and matched them to in-game screenshots for placement. I couldn’t do a 1:1 match as some of the larger decals should be legible.
The blue ‘energy lines’ present across Jehuty were hand painted in using Tamiya’s sky blue enamel paint, and then reverse washing the excess. It’s a super simple technique that makes a huge difference. I panel line some elements of the grey with black and the gold with brown.


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