Bandai Star War 1/72 Tie Interceptor


I picked this kit up a while ago, but I finally decided to build and paint it as a gift to my (non-modeling) friend for his birthday. He's a huge Star Wars nut so I'm sure it will find a nice home in his collection. 

If you've only ever built Gundam kits, I strongly recommend taking a look at Bandai's line of Star Wars models. Compared to Gundam they far more simplistic in terms of mechanical design and gimmicks, but they're way more surface detail dense. 

I built the standard Tie Fighter several years ago. I assumed (wrongly) that the Interceptor would have the same fuselage with a different set of wings, but as it turns out there are molding differences between the two models.    

Kit Talk:

These kits are a really great diversion away from my typical style of cleanly built Gundams. For this model, I employed pre and post shading and dry brushing techniques on the body of the craft. I also made my own water-based wash from Vallejo, water, and dish soap.

I only have one more Star Wars model in my collection at the moment (PG Millennium Falcon), but it might be a bit until I get around to that monster.   

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