HG Gundam Age FX


I missed out on the HG Age FX when the Gundam Age was still airing. I actually gave my kit away during NYCC 2013. Gundam Age gets a lot of crap as a series, but to be completely fair the first two seasons are absolutely fine. The series just falls apart in the final arc. That doesn't change the fact that Gundam Age has some fantastic mecha designs. 

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Kit Talk:

I build the HG Age FX, started modding it, and then put it up on my shelf for a few months. So, if I'm honest I don't remember everything that I did to it. There are a lot of notches, some scribing, part sharpening and masking that went into the build. But otherwise, it's pretty straight forward.  


White: Nazca Steel White

Blue: Ice Cobalt 

Purple: Nazca Violet Coblat

Yellow: Sunshine Yellow

Frame: Mechanical surfacer heavy