RG Force Impulse Gundam Lunamarine Hawke Custom


I made a post on Twitter to the tune of "Kind of shitty Lunamaria never got a custom Impulse", next thing I knew I was doing a buddy build with Appa. Our friends over at JoJoHobbyNStuff supplied this kit for me, if you'd like to support me and help this fine shop, then consider using my coupon code 'GoodGunpla' to save 10% off on your order. 

Appa and I each took a different approach with the color scheme. My approach was the base the Impulse on the color scheme of  Lunamaria's custom Zaku without going the full 'Casval Gundam' route. I chose to respect most of the color applications used across almost all variations of the Impulse. I used 4 or 5 shades of red, I tinted the white with a bit of purple, tinted the black with red, and incorporated more grey colors into the frame. Overall the color scheme is more complex than I normally choose, but it isn't so busy that it's distracting.

Decals are from Delpi Decal, and yes I noticed that the right shoulder decal is higher than it should be. This was a really fantastic RG, but probably one that will be ignored by most builders because of other recent high-profile RG releases.