RG Evangelion Unit-00


Evangelion Unit-00 was my introduction to Bandai's line of RG Evangelion kits. Having built the old HG Eva kits, and Koto's TV version of the Kotokits my expectations were low. But, I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the design, the details, and poseability. This kit includes parts to build both the early and late types of Unit 00, I chose to keep this kit in the late type configuration.

The paints used on this kit are from Gaianote's Evangelion color line. The decals used are from Delpidecal. This kit required just a pinch of masking for the silver details on the interior body suit. I purposely mixed a combination of glossy and matte coats to add contrast to the outer armor. I think this mixture of finishes will be carried over to my other RG Eva kits.