MG Prototype Wing Zero EW


I built this (and the next kit) in 2021 as a part of the Gundam Wing group build that we hosted on the Discord server. I remember when this kit was first announced, many people were upset that this wasn't the "TV version", I didn't have this hang-up. I really like the design, it's emblematic of the TV version but with a modernized, detailed flair. I'm a big fan, and I hope you also appreciate what I did with the design.

Kit Talk:

 A lot of the mods I made to this kit aren't very apparent. I added magnets and pla-plate to the twin beam rifles to hide a lot of ugly connection points between the rifles: 

I also filled many of the hollow gaps visible on the kit: 

One last element that I didn't document was an upgrade to the 'search eye' in the chest with new parts and an aurora gem.