HG Narrative Gundam Type C


I think the base Narrative Gundam Type A/B variants are a pretty boring designs. The NarrativeType C on the other hand is great. The design maintains the skeletal 'scarecrow' aesthetic of the A & B while having some psycho-frame pizazz. It looks like a mech that was pulled out of mothballs and just fitted with whatever they had while in transit to the AO. 

I don't feel like I've seen many painted examples of this kit, so I would definitely encourage anyone with an inkling to take the plunge and paint one up. 

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Kit Talk:

There isn't much to mention with this kit. I did a bunch of masking and seam fusion. You may notice that the V-fin on the Type C looks a bit different than the one on the Type A. I accidentally cut too much off one side of the horn, and I had to reshape both sides to get it to look right. I also cut out and replaced two of the missiles inside of the shield with some plastic plates and details parts. 

The psycho-frame color is a mix of clear red, fluorescent red, and some pearl red. This mixture is still translucent, but the pearl flake adds a lot of character to the parts.