HG Moon Gundam


In hindsight, I should have done this color scheme on the Varguil instead of the Moon Gundam. However, it's been a few years since there was a print run of Varguils, and the 'p-Bandai tax' isn't worth it for just the mono-eye head.

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Kit Talk:

The HG Moon Gundam is a fantastic HG kit. It has excellent color separation, good poseability, and an exciting design. It also looks like an undersized Sazabi. Unsurprisingly those similarities inspired the color scheme and modifications I made to this kit. 

The new funnel racks are from the HD Funnel 01 set. They have a similar design to the Sazabi, although I wish the set included the parts to make the funnels appear like they're lunching out of the racks.