A long overdue post

Hi folks, it's me, Dan,

This post should have been made ages ago, and it wasn't. But, now seems as good a time as any, and I think its better to say something instead of nothing. 

Here's the short version. I'm still around, I'm happy and healthy, and I still build and paint model kits from time to time. But, things have also changed. I acknowledge that Gunpla and model building is no longer as important to me as it once was. And it's becoming more and more difficult to find the time to do all the things I once did to keep the content stream flowing.

I have a few more kits that are already photographed and ready to post. But, I'm not holding myself to photographing every kit I have finished or will finish.

If you're here because you like perusing my work, don't worry. I don't plan to take this website, my discord or YouTube channel down. In fact, this site will be here as long as Google decides to keep supporting Blogger. But, I also don't plan on updating this site regularly anymore.

If you ever feel like popping in to say 'hello' or to see what's going on, check on our Discord channel. It will be posted on the side bar of this site. That will be the best way to get my attention. Things may change again in the future, and I might start building like the old days again, or I may stop altogether. Either way, it's been fun, I've met some amazing friends along the way, and I've made a lot of really cool stuff that many of you seem to enjoy.

Until we meet again,

Happy modeling,



  1. Keep up the great posts whenever you feel doing it 👍


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