Saturday, September 8, 2012

MG Sinanju


 What can I say about this build...

The MG Sinanju was a very long and bumpy ride, fraught with frustration, broken parts, crappy paint jobs and rare water slide decals. I started this kit in November of 2011, right after finishing the MG GNX. It's been in WIP hell ever since.

Here are the basics:

Frame: Gunmetal, Silver, Gold
Armor: Silver and Clear Red
Gun: Dark Gunmetal, Silver, Clear Green
Sleeves: Gold & Black Enamel
Others: White, Black

The decals on this kit are a hodge-podge of Samuel Decal, and HG decals.

After finishing this kit I tracked down a set of official Bandai MG Sinanju water slide decals (Thanks to Traviss over at Gentei Kits!). So I guess this won't be my last Sinanju!

Sorry for the lack of action shots, but I really want to preserve the finish on this kit.

Enjoy the photos!



  1. Just finished my HG Sinanju and was looking for a map for the water slides for it when a link to this came up. This is extremely beautiful.

    1. Thanks Tim. If you want the official layout try looking at dalong's manual for the MG ver. ka here: