RG Strike Trinity is complete!

I'm not going to lie, I had a hard time building this kit. I have large hands, and working on the tiny intricate pieces of this kit is a real pain (literally). The shoulder joints on the right arm are completely shot. The inner frame comprising the shoulder joints, broke during initial construction. I repaired them, but they remained loose.  I also had issues with the enamel paint coming off while handling the kit. I repainted almost all of the silver and gold parts at least once to cover up the paint that rubbed off.

I took a lot of time to detail in inner frame of this kit by hand brushing gold and silver enamels. Any silver or gold on the weapons and armor of this kit were also hand brushed. I stuck with a stock paint scheme for this kit. But I blended the colors to have a brighter pastel/neon look to them. The color correction from the camera may have lessened this effect unfortunately! Uncharacteristically, I didn't use all of the decals on this it! I thought that all the panel lines and color separation already made for a busy design.   

Sword Strike

While I was only supposed to build the Sword Striker pack for the trinity build off. I couldn't help but do the other two packs! 

Aile Strike

 Got to get into all the crevices to bring out the detail

Launcher Strike




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