RG Strike Trinity GB Done! [AILE STRIKE]

Lets get something out of the way before we delve into this completed build. I HATE THE RG LINE. I think it is redundant, and a waste of plastic and whats with the size? 1/144?! Seriously? The only reason I have this Aile Strike is because I won it via the EUGC that Kamm organized quite some time ago. That said, after building and completing this kit, I'm in love with how it LOOKS. Sure, I still hate the idea of the line, I still hate the size, but there is no denying that when done right, the RG kits look gorgeous.

Anyway, lets talk about the build. Nothing special, just a typical OOB paint job, with some preshading and a custom color scheme as is typical of myself. I hate the color blue, its the worst color in the color palette, and its the color that does most damage to the eyes! So I've swapped the colors out on this kit, whilst keeping the white. I ended up with some sort of cross between the Rouge and the normal strike, with a little twist. I felt that the white parts really lacked distinct color separation, so I mixed up a pale tan to go with the other "white" colors. And I think I hit the jackpot there, superb color and works so well with the kit by producing a great contrast. What do you guys think?

Anyways, here come the pictures!


So, some text to break the wall of pictures. (How often do you see that happening?)

Some more trivia on the build: 
- The "inner frame" leg parts that look like an upside down U broke, on the right leg, you can actually see it in the pictures
- Beam effect didn't come out nice at all
- Absolutely hate the shallow panel-lines!
- Hand-painted the details, ie silver, gold etc as well as the blue eyes, which have become my trademark!
- Used Mirage decals for the forehead and back sensor cameras
- Water-slide decals from Samuel Decals!
- This has become my favourite looking paintjob in my collection!


Thanks for checking this out guys! The whole gallery is located at : RG Aile Strike Gallery

Also, here is a link to a wallpaper-sized image if you guys are interested! : RG Aile Strike Appasionata Wallpaper

Wish me luck, hope I win this!


  1. Appa, your RG Aile strike is beyond awesomeness!! So is Dan's! My RG launcher strike can never beat either of yours. =D

    1. You're selling yourself short! You made yours look ace, without even painting it. IMMENSE!


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