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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend WIP

Another productive weekend!

The EX Minerva and EX Skygrasper are now 100% complete!

The Minerva required a massive amount of masking and hand painting! But it looks great, this might be my favorite EX kit of the bunch!

Unfortunately after comparing the newer RG Skygrasper to the EX, I can safely say the RG is the better looking of the two. However with a bit of masking and decaling the EX can still look pretty good!

Introducing my next commissioned kit. the RX 79 [G] 'Ground' Gundam.

I haven't built one of these in years. The RX 79 [G] was the main mobile suit for many pilots in the 8th MS team series. After discussing the details with my client we've come up with the following design elements.

  • Toned down 'realistic' color scheme
  • Battle damage including a string of bullet holes, slashing, scorching and chipping.
  • Weathering, sandy, dirty and a pinch of exposed metal
  • Limited decals
I'm using the following examples from other builders as inspirations:

IPM Stockholm

 Mecha Works