Monday, October 8, 2012

Ground Gundam Comission update

Micro Update:

After a bit of fiddling around in Adobe Illustrator I developed a color scheme my client liked.
Depending on the program I used to view this image the colors seemed to change drastically, so depending on what you’re using to view this image my description may or may not agree with what you’re seeing.


Body: Very Light Grey
Chest: Desaturated Navy Blue
Waist & Backpack: Dark Grey
Feet & Highlights: Aquamarine
Frame: Medium Gray
Ammo Packs: Gray (slightly darker than the body color)
Weapons: Medium Gray (lighter than frame)
Eyes & Sensors: Green.


As I described in a previous post I will be weathering this kit.

I'm going to post shade this kit as well.
I ordered two Tamiya weathering kits for this build.
Set A (Sand, Light Sand & Dirt)
Set F (Titanium, Light Gunmetal & Copper)
You can look forward to some updates and maybe some tutorials on battle damage and weathering. So check back often!