Ground Gundam Commission WIP update

I'm at the halfway point now on this build. The entire frame has been given a coat of medium grey. I used gaia notes star bright duralinium on the pistons at the ankles.   

The cannon and machine gun both received a coat of dark grey. After drying they were dry brushed with gunmetal to highlight the edges and scrapes.  

Contrast of the photo may not be great. But the bullet was painted in duralinium then the jacket was painted in titanium. 

The chest armor was painted with a desaturated blue medium grey mix. The feet and highlights were painted with a skyblue light grey mix. The stomach and backpack recieved a azure blue and black mix.

I did attempt some dark grey pre-shading on the chest. However the overlaying color was too dark for it to be apparent. I will go back and highlight those areas later with some weather pastels and some black.