Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MG Ground Gundam Commission is Complete!

 Here it is the RX 79-[G] in all it grimy, grungy glory! This was a great build, I haven't had the chance to weather and battle damage a kit since the Exia Repair! Speaking of weathering I used a gradient starting with the darkest color (dirt) around the feet and working up to a light sand at the top of the head. Similarly the battle damaged sections of were weather differently to reflect age. The freshest are dark, metallic and rough, older wounds have been smoothed with time, and are closer to the base color of the kit.

Most of the colors on this kit are custom:

Body: Light Grey & White
Chest: Navy Blue & Black
Chin Feet & Highlights: Sky Blue & Light Grey
Backpack & Waist: Black and Dark grey
Guns: Dark Grey
Frame: Medium Grey

Tamiya Weathering Masters used:
Set A
Set F


Left overs from RX 78-2 Ver. Ka

(makes sense since the RX 79-[G]'s are cobbled together out of spare RX 78-2 parts)


Without the back pack on.

We got guns over here!

Painting the inside of the pack grey would be boring... So I went with a blue grey similar to the highlights of the kit. 



 I love the way weathered decals look.

Shiny duralinium piston under all the muck 


Sander's Iconic weapon; it's such a great design. I don't understand how some people can just hide it away in the back pack.


  1. Awesome job.. If I may nitpick, the battle damage on the shield is a bit too much.

    Otherwise really nice work.

    P.S. You might wanna tinker with your blog settings so that not only people w/ Google Accounts can post comments ;D

    1. Thank you for your comments.

      The shield damage was done specifically for my client because he just finished a MG Gogg!