Sunday, October 14, 2012

NYCC Pictures & Summary

NYCC was crazy and awesome this year!

Now that I'm back home I've had a chance to organize the photos I took by category, take a look and enjoy!

GWBC Entries

 My Three! The Exia, Sinanju and Unicorn.

 Great poses on both of these!

 Bandai Kits on Display

MG Nu Gundam

When they brought the new Nu gundam out they kicked the FA Unicorn shown above to the curb! 

RG Zeta


HG Brylant

HG Clanche Custom

 HG Age 3 Fortress

MG Aegis

HG Delta Kai

As you can see I was literally right there when the Bandai Rep pulled this kit out and adjusted it into position!

 Giant Unicorn

Non Gunpla but Really Cool!