Monday, December 31, 2012

MG Wing EW Commission

Here is my final kit of the year; the MG Wing EW!  

13 Days ago when I posted the MG Banshee, this kit was still on it's sprus and packed away; and I had no intention of finishing it before the end of the year. I started working on it, and before long I found myself about halfway through the painting process on the 25th. That's when I resolved to finish the kit by the 31st. A few late nights worth of work later and the Wing was completed!

My client asked for a paint scheme similar to my old Wing EW. Fortunately I still had some of the custom blue I mixed saved. For this version I took the detail a bit further. I masked and painted the interior of the shield grey. I also hand painted grey onto the vents on the ankles and into the thrusters along the base of the wings. 

The suit's frame is slightly darker on this version, and there is a slight and intentional color variance between the frame color and color of the beam rifle. This can best be seen on ammo canisters where the two parts meet. 

I painted the eyes with a solid bright green instead of the less noticeable clear green I had used on the original. Additionally I went with a lighter and bright coat of clear green on the chest and wrist sensors. The backing of the chest sensor was hand brushed with silver to add shine and volume to the green.    

The decal scheme is also close to the original; but this new scheme is more balanced. The old Wing was very top heavy; the shoulders, chest and wings had a ton of decals, and the waist legs and feet barely had any. The new decal scheme balances the top and bottom sections of the mobile suit.

Mobile Suit

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

100th Post! MG Banshee OVA

This is my 100th post here on Gunpla by GoodGuyDan!

I'd like to thank everyone that has been following along with my ramblings, posting comments or just offering support. I've already meet so many great people interested in the hobby since I started this blog. I'm looking forward to the next 100 posts; And all the great experiences they will bring!

I'm happy to announce that the MG Banshee OVA is now complete! The MG Banshee OVA is my 20th fully painted and finished (and likely final) kit this year. Despite all the stress and setbacks associated with working and attending grad-school full time I have somehow managed to finish the Banshee's complicated decal layout!

My Banshee is marked with the UC Project shoulder designations. I chose these decals because I wanted the Banshee to reflect the fact that Marida was the first combat pilot. In the lore the Banshee is originally stationed at the Augusta Research Lab to undergo atmospheric combat testing (where Marida sorties from). In my mind that means the Banshee is probably going to bear the Anaheim Electronics and UC Project markings. <spoiler> After Riddhe captures the Banshee at the end of episode 5; I imagine the EFSF would replace the standard AE & UCP designations with the pilot (R008), ship (GR for General Revil) and affiliation (EFSF) designations.

Since the last set of Banshee photos on 12/11 I took 2/3rds of the armor on the kit off, and resprayed it with an additional layer of 'Banshee Blue'. The color variance was driving me crazy and I couldn't leave it be. Fortunately I was able to mask around the decals on the 'Armored Arm VN' (the crab claw).

After applying the decals to the kit; I gave it one final coat of satin topcoat. The satin coat retained the glossy metallic finish of the gold paint and decals.

Unfortunately Hajime Katoki was not involved the OVA's decal layout. So I had to come up with an original decal layout of the Armored Arm VN & BS. Overall I'm pretty happy with the layouts on the weapons; but I think I could have used more decals. 

Unicorn/Banshee Mode

Monday, December 17, 2012

Tiny Weekend Update

Announcing my newest commission project: MG Wing EW

My client has requested a paint job similar to how I painted my Wing EW a year and a half ago. I'm quite pleased I've been asked to build this kit as a commission. I have wanted to build another one ever since I sold my original wing kit. I'm also quite happy that my client has agreed to let me modify the color scheme slightly. I originally intended to use the main blue color in a few other spots on the legs and arms, but due to the primer I was using I couldn't mask areas without taking up most of the paint!

Also I'd like to announce that the MG Banshee is now complete. Here's the aftermath:

This post is number 99; that means that my next post will be number 100. So look forward to my 100th post where I'll showcase the finished MG Banshee!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tutorial: How to apply water slide decals


Water slide decals are my favorite type of decals to work with. So much so that I base some of my kit purchasing decisions on the availability of the kit's water slide decals! 

In my mind there are really two types of water slide decals available for Gundam kits; Bandai decals, and everything else. I'm not suggesting that Bandai water slides are better than every other decal available, but in general I have found that I have an easier time using Bandai's decals than say Samuel decals or other third party manufacturers.

Can you name all of the kits represented in these decal sets? (hint: most of them are in my backlog)

These are third party decals. Depending on the manufacturer some of the decals are precut, and some are not. Typically what I have noticed is that third party decals tend to be thinner and rip easier, but they also tend to have less noticeable borders once applied.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Banshee Decals

The best part of a Ver. Ka model is the markings.

I'm pretty slow because I use both mark setter and softer. So here is what 2.5 hours of work looks like.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

MG Banshee WIP

Another busy weekend. I'm at the end of a semester so that means projects, projects and projects. Total of 10+ hours spend this weekend in various group meetings between three groups. But thanks in part to some late night work I finished painting the MG Banshee OVA. 

Here's what the kit looks like in it's current state. This week I'll have some more time to work on decals. 

The body color is something I mixed up. I'm calling it banshee blue; it's mixture is 40% navy blue 30% purple and 30% black. Unfortunately the quality of the paint I'm using has declined recently. It took 3 coats of the paint to obtain the 'bottle color'. I originally mixed up 120mls of banshee blue to paint two kits; but after using 80mls for just the OVA kit I don't believe I'll have enough for the Ver. Ka.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

MG Banshee WIP

Project Banshee Update

I just finished painting the first few Banshee Blue parts. I wasn't 100% happy with the way the color originally sprayed on. So I went back to the mix and added an additional 10-15% black to darken things up. I'm very happy with the color now. It contrast nicely with the orange, gold and grey. 

The gold really shines on a dark background. 

 Hit the bump for more photos!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

MG Tallgeese Group Buy

MG Tallgeese is ready to launch!

Joe from Modelgrade just informed me that the MG Tallgeese group buy is now live. Hop on the band wagon and grab a preorder for this kit before it's too late.

Here are the details:

Special preorder price $46.99
Flat rate $5 shipping
Plus you'll receive a free $5 coupon for your next order!

Deal ends January 20th; expected release date is February 2013.

Order yours now!


1: Add the special Tallgeese to your shopping cart
2: Proceed to checkout. 
3: On the 5th step you'll be able to enter the coupon code REDDITDEAL to get the discount (look at those $1000 melt away!). You may need to change the shipping option before completing checkout.
4: Done!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend WIP

Mini Commission

VP-Strike Noir Conversion Parts

It's been a while since I've had the time to write up a post. I spent a good chunk of my available time working on some resin conversion parts for a client's Vicious Project Strike Noir.

I was asked to paint about 20 resin parts. Most of the parts belong to the backpack, shoulders and arms. Painting resin parts is a time consuming process. Unlike typically Bandai kits which come in color separated sections; resin kits need to be masked for each color applied. It's a time consuming process if you don't plan your color applications out ahead of time.