Thursday, December 6, 2012

MG Banshee WIP

Project Banshee Update

I just finished painting the first few Banshee Blue parts. I wasn't 100% happy with the way the color originally sprayed on. So I went back to the mix and added an additional 10-15% black to darken things up. I'm very happy with the color now. It contrast nicely with the orange, gold and grey. 

The gold really shines on a dark background. 

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I'm really liking the color. I may reuse it on the upcoming Nu, unless I go with the Hi-Nu color scheme.

The color still contrasts with the black. I didn't want to go so dark that it would have the same value as the black.

Here's a painted part next to a unpainted part. As you can see my Banshee blue is a bit darker and more menacing. 

Three decal sets should be enough for the Banshee and Full Armor Banshee. I've decided to do the OVA up as 'Marida's version' and the Full Armor version will be 'Ridde's machine' complete with the R008 markings. 

For the first time today I realized that the GR markings stand for the "General Revel". I assumed it stood for Garuda (well it kinda was it's mother ship for an episode) or (less likely) Garancieres.