Sunday, December 9, 2012

MG Banshee WIP

Another busy weekend. I'm at the end of a semester so that means projects, projects and projects. Total of 10+ hours spend this weekend in various group meetings between three groups. But thanks in part to some late night work I finished painting the MG Banshee OVA. 

Here's what the kit looks like in it's current state. This week I'll have some more time to work on decals. 

The body color is something I mixed up. I'm calling it banshee blue; it's mixture is 40% navy blue 30% purple and 30% black. Unfortunately the quality of the paint I'm using has declined recently. It took 3 coats of the paint to obtain the 'bottle color'. I originally mixed up 120mls of banshee blue to paint two kits; but after using 80mls for just the OVA kit I don't believe I'll have enough for the Ver. Ka.

The crest and collar are gaianotes star bright gold (love this color)

The outside of the thruster bell is also gaianotes, but star bright duralinium. The inside of the thruster is bright red, and the ball joint is star bright gold.

The next time you'll see this Banshee it will be 100% done! Stay tuned!