Monday, December 31, 2012

MG Wing EW Commission

Here is my final kit of the year; the MG Wing EW!  

13 Days ago when I posted the MG Banshee, this kit was still on it's sprus and packed away; and I had no intention of finishing it before the end of the year. I started working on it, and before long I found myself about halfway through the painting process on the 25th. That's when I resolved to finish the kit by the 31st. A few late nights worth of work later and the Wing was completed!

My client asked for a paint scheme similar to my old Wing EW. Fortunately I still had some of the custom blue I mixed saved. For this version I took the detail a bit further. I masked and painted the interior of the shield grey. I also hand painted grey onto the vents on the ankles and into the thrusters along the base of the wings. 

The suit's frame is slightly darker on this version, and there is a slight and intentional color variance between the frame color and color of the beam rifle. This can best be seen on ammo canisters where the two parts meet. 

I painted the eyes with a solid bright green instead of the less noticeable clear green I had used on the original. Additionally I went with a lighter and bright coat of clear green on the chest and wrist sensors. The backing of the chest sensor was hand brushed with silver to add shine and volume to the green.    

The decal scheme is also close to the original; but this new scheme is more balanced. The old Wing was very top heavy; the shoulders, chest and wings had a ton of decals, and the waist legs and feet barely had any. The new decal scheme balances the top and bottom sections of the mobile suit.

Mobile Suit

Weapons & Armaments

I really wish Bandai updated the beam rifle on this release; a palm peg like most modern MGs would go a long way in keeping the rifle in hand.


I really like the head sculpt on this kit. It looks very aggressive and the V fin is fantastic.

Here are the thruster vents on the back of each wing tip. I think the grey really adds to the overall look.

 The beam shoulder vulcans were brushed with silver to highlight the detail.

Wrap Up

This is my second UK commission and my third international. In a few days time the MG Wing will be disassembled, wrapped up and shipped out to it's owner. And fortunately for me I'll have a nice quiet week or two to work on my backlog of projects! I'm hoping to wrap the MG Aegis up. By the time the next one arrives.

As always stay tuned and leave a comment below!

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