Monday, December 17, 2012

Tiny Weekend Update

Announcing my newest commission project: MG Wing EW

My client has requested a paint job similar to how I painted my Wing EW a year and a half ago. I'm quite pleased I've been asked to build this kit as a commission. I have wanted to build another one ever since I sold my original wing kit. I'm also quite happy that my client has agreed to let me modify the color scheme slightly. I originally intended to use the main blue color in a few other spots on the legs and arms, but due to the primer I was using I couldn't mask areas without taking up most of the paint!

Also I'd like to announce that the MG Banshee is now complete. Here's the aftermath:

This post is number 99; that means that my next post will be number 100. So look forward to my 100th post where I'll showcase the finished MG Banshee!