Sunday, February 17, 2013

HG Byarlant Custom

Paint Guide:

I went a bit off of the beaten track with this kit and did custom color scheme. Although it took a few attempts to find a color group I liked.

The main body is a 50/50 mix of azure and sky blue. The frame is gun metal, I also mixed an enamel gunmetal from silver and black for the vent and body detailing. The camo colors are both a mix of white, blue, green and a hint of grey. The remaining detail parts are either 100% yellow or a green mixed from yellow and skyblue. 

Most of the vent details were hand painted instead of being airbrushed.

Mod Guide:

I performed some very slight modification to this kit fixing seams and separating parts. You can see some of the process photos here.

The decal job on this kit is pretty light compared to what I normally do. The decals on this kit are from a Samuel Decal set for the MG ReZel Commander and a Bandai MG Wing set. 
Onto the photos!

Mobile Suit:

Hit the bump for the full photo shoot!


Camo Close-ups


  1. Very nice work as per usual! The color scheme reminds me of a shark for some reason.

    1. I agree, the shoulder verniers look like dorsal fins!

  2. Very interesting color scheme and patterns. I like the way you paint. Very nice and clean, and very consistent, which I love about your works.

    I would like to point out some places you may have missed, specifically the seams in the upper arms, the flash mark(or seam) between the green cables of the arm, and the seam on the bottom side of the feet. But I can understand some of them won't really be seen, nor that noticeable, but just a heads up.

    But overall very good work.

    1. Thanks for your comments.

      I will typically leave the seam lines alone if they require me to modify the underlying parts. However you can tell that the fuel tanks and the rear fins have been fixed.

      As for the flashing I think you're describing the pipes on the 'elbow' of the kit. I actually modified those pieces to separate the two pipes. On the original kit they're stuck together by a hunk of plastic and look terrible!