Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Out of the Box Blast Off Registration (So Far)

Here's the list of participants so far and the name of the mobile suit they will be using to compete.

Here are the rules for participation.

Please remember if you plan on participating you should submit all of your information by February 28th!

If you decide to change your submission before then please leave a comment on this post!


Justinius HG Zudah

Nayiro HG Nu Gundam HWS

Mrliquidjesus HG The-O

Cherrycat R-11 LaGowe Remastered

Breakbeat HG Sinanju

GaiKotsu HG Jesta Cannon

Wally Kurrimboccus HG 00 Seven Sword/G

TheOneWhoComments ?

GHanshew HG Exia Repair II

Corey Scott HG Mobile Cgue

Wildo HG Harute 

Hudson/Tasty Cat HG Age Fx

Tony Monaco/AmonacoKSU HG Acguy

BLOGGGGGG/Philip HG Age-1 Normal

Rosc HG Hazel

BRC HG 144 Ex-S 

Harry HG Unicorn destroy mode
Akuma HG Bawoo

Blakjakz HG Blue Destiny Unit 1
SchizophrenicMC HG Unicorn Gundam
TheSpanishDevil HG Sazabi
Waynshaun HG Wagtail

Terry HG  Beargguy expo version

Citrus HG Zudah/Hazel
Andrew S/Nightmareofsolomon HG M1 Astray
Effion Prime HG Banshee Destroy Mode


Austin Woo HG Age FX

Kapil M HG Palace Athene 

Zrob HG Buster? 

The Anti HG Tieren Ground 
Steve R HG Kshatriya
tter HG Delta Plus
Lucerin Red HG Perfect Strike