Sunday, July 7, 2013

1/48 Banshee OVA Head

I have a lot of commission work going on right now, but between drying and building sessions I had some time to work on this kit. Unlike the Final Battle Banshee head, this model has been painted in the OVA style, and excludes the Katoki markings of the 'Final Battle' version.


Banshee Blue (armor)
50% Mr. Hobby Blue
30% Mr. Hobby GX Black
20% Mr. Hobby Purple

Starbright Brass (Horns, face, collar & trim)

Clear Red over Starbright Duralinium (Eyes & sensors)

Medium Grey (neck & collar) 

Hit the bump for the full gallery!


Unicorn Mode

Destroy Mode

Side by side

The Starbright Brass, is clearly a brighter color than the gold. I'm quite infatuated with this color!

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