1/48 Banshee Head Ver. Ka Final Battle


I'm sure some people are wondering what the Banshee Ver. Ka is; so here's the scoop. Back when the Unicorn series was still in novel form the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee was revealed to be simply a black Unicorn Gundam with a different V fin. This Banshee Gundam is currently known as the Banshee Ver. Ka. Unlike the OVA Banshee the Ver. Ka. lacked the gold collar, dark front piece to the V fin, and the Armed Armor BS and VN. Instead it featured the same armaments as the Unicorn 01. The 'final battle' version of the Banshee Ver. Ka features the same green colored psycho frame as the FA Unicorn. 

Banshee Ver. Ka Final Battle:

Bandai did release a limited edition Banshee Ver. Ka. Final battle version. But people are asking absurd amounts of money for them. In fact you can purchase a FA unicorn, order the individual Banshee head components and the ver. ka's official waterslide decal set for much less than the $200+ asking price I have seen for the limited edition kit!


I utilized the base from a normal 1/48 Unicorn Head Display and some leftover decals from the 1/100 Banshee Ver. Ka decal sheet.  


"Banshee Blue" (Armor)
70% Midnight Blue
20% Black

10% Purple

Dark Grey (Neck and collar area)

Star Bright Gold (V fin)

Silver (Psychoframe basecoat)

"Psychoframe Green" (applied over the lacquer silver)
80% Clear Green
20% Clear Blue

Bright Orange (eyes)

Silver (Hand brushed onto the sensors)

Black (For the eye surrounds)

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Enough about the suits back story, enjoy the photos of the completed kit!