RG RX 78-2 Amuro Custom

I received this kit as a trade from a local buddy  for the HG Age 1 Normal + Razor kit I had lost interest in building. I wasn't entirely sure I wanted this kit, but I started thinking about projects I want to do, and everything just sort of clicked. After all it makes sense to start Project Amuro with the RX 78-2.

The color scheme is inspired by my all time favorite modeler Kieta

This kit was been in WIP hell for over a month because I damaged the red portion of the shield. Originally I removed the yellow cross and puttied the holes where cross connected. However after several rounds of different types of primer and paint and masking I was still seeing color variations in the shield color. Ultimately I decided to revert the shield design. 

Overall I'm pretty happy with the way the kit turned out. Unfortunately I did notice that the armor caps for both knees have started to crack. I also made a rookie mistake during the assembly process that I couldn't reverse after paint (can you spot it?)

Enjoy the photos:


  1. I like how the shield in blue with the yellow cross on it, its a nice change from the standard. And good job with some of the poses, I know how hard it is to work with the original RG hands and getting them to do anything.

    Being less than a rookie because i've never painted a kit, what was your mistake on the knees?

    1. Thanks Tim.

      That's a good observation, the plastic is cracking on both knee pieces but that's not it.

      Keep looking :D

    2. The red in the middle of the core block? You forgot to prime the middle and painted the blue on the side so you couldn't go back?

    3. Nope! I'll leave a hint though.

      It has to do with the way the kit was assembled.

    4. You got rid of seem lines and then painted which made it difficult to get to the areas you wanted?

    5. Come to think of it I don't think this kit required any seam line removal!

    6. I that that was a possibility since the real grade line is so damn good, but I wasn't sure. Did you not paint the inner frame and taking everything apart would be too difficult and you'd lose pieces so you used the realistic decals for the elbow and knee joints?

    7. Yep the RGs are a real treat!

      I used gunmetal on the inner frame actually, but because it's bured under several layers I don't think it's visible. Nope no stickers for me either.

      Since no one has given me the right answer yet I figure the mistake (although major) isn't actually that important.

      So here's the answer:

      I assembled both arms backwards! The right and left fore arms are on the wrong sides of the body. But because I already painted the left arm with the blue on the one side I couldn't easily swap them.

      Typically this wouldn't be a big deal, but the shield plugs directly into a thin gap at the fore arm. And that gap is facing into the body, and thus the shield can't be mounted onto the arm unless I rotate the entire arm so the elbow is pointing 180 degrees from it's normal position!

      And that was my rookie mistake. I didn't read the instructions!

  2. I really want to say the mistake is part of the torso. Part of the white looks VERY light pinkish to me, like you painted over the original red and didn't prime it properly or something...

    1. Nope the waist isn't it. The pink is likely due to the paint/primer combo I'm using.


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