Multi-project WIP

I usually end up working on multiple kits simultaneously. The nice part about having multiple WIPs is that I have more pictures to share.

HG Banshee Clear ver.

This is a commission I'm currently working on for a client.

The goal is to just keep the kit extremely clean and unpainted. (Not an easy feat considering how easily clear  plastic stresses and scratches!)

Here's how most of the pieces looked after I cleaned the nubs and stress marks.

After some scratch removal and decal here's how the kit looks.

If there are any scratches left on the kit, I can't find them.

RG Zeta

This is an on going project kit that I received from my buddy Justin. I've moved onto applying decals, panel lining and detailed painting. Unfortunately I also broken the 'head jewel' despite my best efforts to repair it, the part will need to be replaced.

MG Red Frame

After seeing Justin's latest progress video I decided I had better start painting. I'm starting with the red parts, because they make up the bulk of the paint work on the kit.

I applied a layer of clear red over a base coat of titanium. the light gold touch of the titanium adds additional depth to the red. I'm very happy with the color thus far. The red appears much richer than the similar red treatment I applied to the HG and MG Sinanjus.


  1. Nice work on the clear Banshee, makes me consider going back and fixing mine up.

    For your RG Zeta, I just finished building the online exclusive White Zeta and it came with 2 A-plates, each one having the clear blue eye sensor. If you'd like I can send you the one I didn't use.

    1. Thanks!

      I appreciate the offer, however I'm missing the red part of the head where both of the v-fin halves plug in. I think it's part e2.

    2. E1. The kit also came with 3 different E plates because of the different colors required, so I can send you a light grey or dark grey if you'd like.

    3. That would be fantastic! I really appreciate it! Here's my email:

      Thanks again!


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