RG Zeta & HG Banshee WIP

In addition to the MG Red Frame build I'm also painting the RG Zeta Gundam. Here's what the Zeta looked like the last time I posted any pictures of it.


And here's what it looked like about a week ago. Unfortunately I still haven't found any water slide decals sets for the White Unicorn version of the kit. So I'm doing things the hard way!

The vast majority of the parts came out very clean. But I did need to touch up a few of them.

I thought I had these two parts lined up perfectly... I will be leaving the paint like this, I still like the effect.

Not a bad 'A' if I do say so myself!

I still need to paint the grey parts of the frame. I'm hoping to have this kit completed in the next week or two. Afterwards I'll paint the MG Red Frame.

I haven't posted anything about the HG Banshee commission. Unlike every other commission I've done I'm not actually painting the kit. My client want the kit assembled as cleanly as possible, minimal stress marks and no scratches. 

This has actually been one of the more difficult commission I've had to do. The clear plastic Bandai uses on these kits is much harder and more brittle than the solid color polystryrene most kits are made of; so stress marks appear much more easily.

Using a combination of very sharp tools and high 2500+ grit sand paper I was able to avoid or hide nearly every mark on the kit.

Here's what an average part will look like after sanding:

After a few thin layers of tamiya acrylic clear coat the haziness is completely gone!

Once the clear coat has had a few days to cure I'll start decaling the kit.


  1. by 'the hard way' you mean the sexy way, right? because that paint is looking good sir. :D love the mis-matched lines too. even though it doesn't line-up it sort of does in a different way. looking good man!


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