Bro Build Update

For the first time in what feels like months I am working on only one kit! Now that I don't have to divide my attention I'm starting to get a lot of work done on the MG Red Frame for the Bro Build with Justin. 

At this point most of the red pieces have been painted. I applied a transparent red over a titanium base coat; I really like how the red color pops. You can also see a few of the gold trim pieces; they received a coat of gloss black followed by Gaia Notes star bright gold. 

There are a few small details that needed to be masked onto the breast plate. Here's how I did them.

And after a layer of black.

One of my major gripes about this kit is the two katana blades. Both of the blades come molded in a chrome color, the chrome itself isn't bad; but the swords lack detail. 

One of the more distinguishing features of a Japanese sword is the temper line or hamon

The hamon is created during the clay tempered quenching process where the edge of the blade or ha is left bare and cools every quickly and the clay covered spine or mune cools more slowly. This process leaves the cutting edge with a hardness around 60HRC and the spine around 40HRC. This process of differentially hardening the blade is one of the reasons the Katana is such an incredible cutting weapon.

This is how I set about creating my own hamon:

First I soaked both blades in bleach to remove the chrome.

Then I applied a layer of primer, followed by gloss black followed by Gaianotes starbright duralinium followed by clear acrylic. After letting everything cure I masked a wave like notare pattern onto each side of the blade.

After a few coats of clear acrylic and flat base:

 I really like the way both swords came out. The hamon is subtle and only visible at certain angles.


The decal sheet I ordered from Globaltoy on ebay has arrived too. The decals are nice and crisp; but there is a problem with them...

English gibberish. It's like the reverse of the nonsensical Kanji tattoos you see a lot of people sporting.

Here's what the heart decal says if you can't make it out:

"You are not alone you are bejil lj bill kualitz carey kualitzzzs the beautifulgirl cary wahahahaha"

And the line above the Rehome is even better:


On the official set it should say


Yep, that sure is some fine translation work. I know this won't bother 99% of modelers out there, but very visible mistakes like this really get on my nerves. 



  1. Ditch it, the translation is awful. Try samuel decal.

    1. I probably just won't use those decals tbh. I may even use the dry transfers.


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