OOBBO Conclusion

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who participated in the blast off. I was really shocked by the quality of each submission I received. Each submission was well done, and they all had a special personal flair which I appreciated (which also made my selection really difficult)!

You can check out all of the submissions here!

I used the follow criteria laid out on the rules page to evaluate each kit submitted.

"I'll be judging your kits based on two criteria; which are the overall quality and cleanliness of your build. I will also take the quality and clarity of your photos into account (so make em fancy!)"

After some long hard deliberation here are the models and builders that I chose.

Honorable Mentions


HG Harute

I like the blood red color that Wildo used on his Harute, and his photos are excellent. My only crtique is that I think the kit could benefit from a decal scheme or from some small splashes of a bright color on the dark red surfaces.


HG Palace Athena

The preshading and color choice on the kit are first rate; and I love the smooth finish on the cannon barrels. This kit could have easily been serious competition for number 1, but the submission was somewhat lacking in the photography category. Very nice job all around!


HG Age 2 Artemis

Waynshaun did an excellent job masking and painting his Artemis. The Aretmis parts require a ton of work to look good and he nailed the color separation. My only critique is that the seamlines along the barrels of the rifles are noticeable.


HG EX-S Gundam

The color choice, detailing painting and attention to detail featured in this kit really caught my eye. BRC's submission was a very close competitor for third place.

Third Place


HG Nu Gundam HWS

Nayiro did a great job painting up this kit (and dealing with equipment problems). The detailing painting, decals and stripes on the shield look great! 

Second Place


HG Zudah

Justin's Zudah is a complex little kit with a lot of layers of detail. The color choices, splinter camo scheme, striping and detail painting are all excellent. The liberal use of smooth metallic color is also a great effect.

First Place

HG Hazel

Rosc did it all, the kit is well built, cleanly painted, well photographed and I absolutely love the Titans Test Team scheme he chose.

The cleanliness of the masking is also very impressive.

Nice job on the feet detail.

Wrap up:

The winners can contact me by email for their prizes.

Rosc has chosen the HG Dreissen
Justinius has chosen the HG Dom/RickDom
Nayiro will receive the Alpha Azieru

Again I want to thank everyone who participated! And I apologize if I didn't write any comments for your entry.

If you couldn't enter or if you didn't finish don't worry I will be holding more contests in the future! (As soon as my Amazon Ad. revenue builds up again).


  1. whoa, Congratulations to the Winners!

    and many thanks for holding the contest; I've strangely come out of it preferring HGs over MGs.

    1. Thanks for participating! You did an excellent job bringing out the deatil in your EX-S!


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