Saturday, August 31, 2013

MG Sandrock commission build complete!

This kit is for our buddy Joe, owner of I offered to do this kit as a freebie for Joe. I already know he's an accomplished modeler, but it never hurts to have a few extra example kits to take to trade shows!

Like a lot of gunpla fans in their 20s my first exposure to the Gundam universe was Gundam Wing which aired on Toonami during the late 90s early 2000s. So it's not a surprise that the wing designs still hit all the right nostalgia buttons for me. Now that the Sandrock is complete I have built/painted 4 out of 5 of the original 'boy band' kits. The Shenlong is the only one I haven't yet started (but it's in my backlog).

I mostly stuck with the stock color scheme, but I did make a few changes. The backpack and sword holsters were repainted with the dark blue in lieu of the grayish purple. I also painted the 'heat effect' beam sabers in a variety of oranges and yellows to create a gradient. This heat gradient is more subtle than the one used on the Ramba Ral's Zaku II.   


Dark Blue (Feet, chest, backpack, cuffs)
95% Banshee blue (50% blue, 30% black and 20% purple)
5% White

Greyish Purple (Skirt detail, etc)
80% Blitz Purple (80% midnight blue, 20% hibiscus pink, 10% white)
20% Light Grey

Golden Yellow (Fin, crest, skirt detail, etc)
90% Lemon Yellow
10% Bright Orange

100% White

100% Medium Grey

Green Metallic
100% clear green over 100% star bright duralinium

Red Metallic
100% clear red over 100% star bright duralinium

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Real Grade Justice Kit Review

It's been a while since I've done a kit review. However I had a lot of fun with this 1/144 scale RG Justice, and I thought it deserved a review!

The Real Grade Justice Gundam was released in July 2012 by Bandai Japan. The RG Justice Gundam is the 9th released model in the Real Grade line.

If you're interested in picking up this or other kits consider purchasing through the Amazon links on my site. Every purchase you make helps me out tremendously and doesn't cost you a dime!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Building for Beginners tips and tricks

Building the Justice Gundam for Beginners

Welcome to Building for Beginners (BfB), it's
for builders just getting their feet wet in the gunpla hobby. The goal of this tutorial series is to show new builders how to build a great looking model out of the box using only basic tools.

If you're already building at this level, and you want to take your skills even further; check out the Sinanju start to finish series. The Sinanju series covers a wider range of more advanced techniques. 

Some sections of this tutorial will feature "Pro tips". These tips will offer some additional advice related to the content of that portion of the tutorial; which while it may not be essential it is helpful.  

I will be building the Real Grade Justice Gundam for this tutorial. I chose this kit for a couple of reasons: the Justice packs a lot of detail and features into a small kit, the color scheme is a nice departure from the normal tri-color Gundam, and it's very affordable at under $30 with free prime shipping through Amazon (If you have a college .edu email address you can get six months of amazon prime and instant video for free).

The topics to be covered are:

Removing parts from the sprue, sanding, and assembly

Panel lining

Decals & details


Hit the bump for the full article!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

MG Blitz Completed

Nothing says 'super stealthy' like a matte black mobile suit... along with bright red, yellow, purple and white. Okay, so maybe 18 meter tall robots aren't exactly the most inconspicuous weapons of war. But what they lack in discretion they make up for in 'cool factor'. 


100% Black

100% Medium Grey

80% Midnight Blue
20% Hibiscus Pink
10% White

V-fin, claws & details
100% Lemon Yellow

Thruster bells & ports
100% Alcad Steel

Vents, trim & details
100% Bright Red 

100% White

Misc colors used
Silver, Clear Red & Clear Blue

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Commission Hiatus

You may have noticed that my commission page has disappeared from the tool bar. 

My inbox has figuratively exploded with commission requests over the last week. So to prevent things from getting anymore out of hand I'm going on a commission hiatus. If you have a project that you desperately need commissioned I'm afraid it's going to have to wait until January 01 2014 when I'll reopen the commission page.

If you have already requested a commission from me, or have been contacted by me about a commission don't worry you're on 'the list'.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Status update, wips & GBWC

Hey Gunpla guys and gals, this is a status update since I haven't had much to post lately.


I'm currently working on three commission kits for two separate clients.

Client #1 has two kits, the MG Epyon and MG Blitz Gundams

Both of these kits are well underway.